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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your age limits?

    • There are 5 different leagues recognized in dek hockey, and they are as follows:

      • Chipmunk:  4-6

      • Penguin: 7-9

      • Beaver:  10-12

      • Cadet:  13-15

      • Freshman:  16-19

  • What equipment does my child need?

    • A helmet with a full face shield (cage or bubble are both permitted), elbow pads, shin guards (some tournaments require that only dek shin guards can be worn), gloves (ice, dek, or lacrosse gloves are permitted), and a stick. 


  • What is the average time commitment if my child plays for the Screaming Eagles?

    • Our season goes on average from tryouts in November to our last tournaments being held in September.  Practices generally start in February and are usually 1 hour a week every week.  We try to give each team the same practice time every week so parents can plan around practices.  Tournaments start usually on Fridays and last until Sundays.  Screaming Eagles teams are guaranteed a minimum of 6 tournaments a year but most teams will play more than that. 

  • How much does it cost? 

    • For the 2022 season, registration fees will be $150.00 and all tournaments (except our home tournament) will be parent funded.  Average costs per tournament are $35.  This includes player uniforms (an away jersey, a home jersey, and shorts).  Parents are expected to purchase their child the appropriate equipment for safe dek hockey play.  Additional fees will incur when teams travel.  Parents will be expected to pay for hotel stays, food, and tournament fees associated with travel tournaments.  We hope to bring future season fees down with our fundraising efforts!

  • How many tournaments are there a year?

    • Each team is guaranteed 6 tournaments.  There are many  locally and out of state/country that we like to attend.  At the beginning of each session coaches will communicate to parents the available tournaments and the team will then decide which ones are best suited for them.

  • Where are the tournaments?

    • We play locally in our area.  We have also traveled to Boston, New Jersey, Niagara Falls, ON, and each year the list of fun places we go keeps growing!

  • Is my child guaranteed a spot on the team?

    • We offer A and B teams in most of the divisions.  We try to take as many players as we can, however, there are no guarantees that your child will be placed on a team.  If you child makes a team we encourage parents to remember this is competitive hockey and playing time is not always guaranteed and things like practice and tournament attendance is considered during tournaments.

  • Can I make a request that my child and his or her sibling or friend be placed on the same team?

    • No - players are will be placed on a team based on their skill level. 

  • Do I have to travel?

    • Yes.  This is important for our families and players alike.  It is a great opportunity for teams to bond as well as play against different organizations.  When you make the commitment to play for a travel sport it is expected that you will commit to traveling with the team when they travel.  There are many out of state/Country options that will be presented at the beginning of each season and parents are encouraged to communicate with their coaches about what tournaments would best suit their schedules. 

If you have any other questions please contact us at




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